Personal Choice

There is no single investment portfolio that is fit for all investors, for every stage of life. The decision to invest and develop a diversified portfolio is a highly individual one, and involves careful consideration of several key topics, including investment goals, time horizon, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, tax impact, economic conditions and international exposure.


We work with our clients to develop a portfolio that is truly custom. Working closely with the Trek Investment Committee, we are able to access a wide selection of both strategic and tactical investment options. Through multiple screenings and a very thorough due diligence process, the investment committee selects only reputable money managers. The committee screens for both initial selection, portfolio allocation, and ongoing due diligence. After selection, the committee continues to monitor the money managers, keeping an eye on performance and style purity.

Tactical Investment Portfolios

Tactical management portfolios are designed to help investors during major market downturns while also enabling them to participate when markets are trending higher.


These portfolios should be viewed as a risk management approach rather than a market timing approach, and is not a market timing strategy that seeps to sell at all-time-highs and purchase at all-time-lows.


By employing this strategy, clients are able to reduce portfolio risk without being forced to use traditional bond-equity combinations.

Strategic Investment Portfolios

Our strategic portfolio series gives you choices when it comes to passive and active management.


Strategic portfolios use fundamental analytics to properly allocated based upon Modern Portfolio Theory and macroeconomics. The combination influences slight allocation shifts to optimize the risk/return expectation of the portfolio. Quarterly re-balances are performed to keep the portfolio drifting away from the portfolio objectives.